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directionClick on the schedule below for Open Houses offered by departments and programs this fall semester.  Check out any major in which you think you might be interested so that you can get your questions answered!

There will be a “Choosing Your Major” workshop with Dean Brown and Persephone Hall of the Wesleyan Career Center on Wed., Oct. 22 from 6-7 p.m. in Usdan 108.  Grab your dinner and come join us to talk about academic direction and majors.


Open House Schedule Fall 2014

Jordan Kraemer

In what sense are mobile phones, and related devices, mobile? Mobile phones, and mobile computing generally, facilitate particular kinds of mobility—especially elite, cosmopolitan, voluntary forms of movement and circulation—due in no small part to their user interface design. But what counts as movement, culturally speaking? How are mobile devices mobile in relation to the body? When are they characterized instead by locatability, for example, in relation to location-based services? This talk takes up these questions to consider how circles of friends in Berlin interact with the interface design of mobile technologies, especially smartphones, which expect a singular, indivisible subject as the user. Everyday mobile phone practices often challenge implicit norms built in to mobile devices, with implications for sociality, mobility, and experiences of urban space.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2014 | 6 P.M.

And for a different genre of Open Houses……

thCAFHI30BFall Open Houses are fast approaching! In two weeks, our campus will begin to welcome potential Wesleyan applicants, and we need your help with overnight hosting. The Open Houses will take place on Monday, October 13, 2014 and Tuesday, November 11, 2014. If you agree to host(and we hope you will), you only need to host the night before the Open House program. You would pick up your host on either October 12 or November 10,  and the next morning, they’re off to explore campus and participate in Open House activities. If you are willing to share your living quarters and love for Wesleyan with a prospective student, possibly make a new friend, and  play a role in building the next Wesleyan class, please follow the link below to register as a host!

Sincerely, The SOC Interns–Jesalyn Ortiz ‘16 Greg Tavarez ‘16, Selena Gonzalez ‘17, Keyonne Session ‘17, Liam Tran ‘17

psychologyPSYC Open House:

Overview of the Psychology Major for New Majors

Oct. 7th (Tues.), 12-1pm, Judd 116

Sophomores interested in the psychology major are welcome to join!

Professor Andrea Patalano (Department Chair) will give a brief overview of the major including course requirements, cultural immersion and foreign language, and research experience and thesis writing. Much of the time will be devoted to answering individual student questions about major requirements so come with all your questions in hand.  At the beginning and end of the hour, Professor Patalano will also be available to sign forms (e.g., abroad forms, transfer of credit, etc.) and to look over your academic history (if you bring a copy) and to give advice about future directions.  Please taking advantage of this event for getting your questions answered about the major! Pizza will be provided.

Dear Students,

There are a number of positions open with the Wesleyan Student Assembly for which we would like to offer you the opportunity to apply. There are currently five (5) open positions for full voting membership on the Assembly, as well additional positions with two subcommittees of the Assembly. These positions are as follows: Three (3) positions for membership on the Academic Affairs Committee These positions include full voting membership on the WSA.

Academic Affairs is made up of 6 students and is charged with representing the student perspective on all  academic issues, including reviews of programs and departments, academic regulations, library policy, student-professor relations,  as well as general academic procedures. The Chair and Vice-Chair vote alongside six faculty members on the Wesleyan Educational Policy Committee (EPC), the forum through which all changes to academic regulations at Wesleyan are debated and voted on.  The Educational Policy Committee (EPC) has both the responsibility and the right to review proposed changes in the curriculum.  Although there are no specific criteria specifying which proposals concerning major programs must be approved by the EPC, precedent and common sense suggest that proposals with the following impact be presented to the EPC for its approval.  Areas that AAC has worked on include: the Honor Code, the academic calendar, advising, Drop/Add regulations, the Art Library move, the formation of Winter Session, and much more.

One (1) position for membership on the Sustainability, Finance, and Facilities Committee. This position includes full voting membership on the WSA.

Composed of seven members, the Sustainability, Finance and Facilities Committee (SuFFaC) is responsible for monitoring and recommending changes to Wesleyan’s facilities and finances. The committee’s chair, Ellen Paik ’16, co-chairs the Committee for Investor Responsibility, holds the student seat on the Major Maintenance Committee and sits on the Budget PrioritiesCommittee. SuFFaC members also influence decisions regarding sustainability, the Freeman Athletic Center, and Financial Aid at Wesleyan.

One (1) position for membership on the Student Affairs Committee. 

This position includes full voting membership on the WSA.

Composed of seven students, the Student Affairs Committee works with members of the administration to help set policy and make other important decisions to improve student life on campus across a wide range of student life issues at Wes. The broad focus of the SAC includes issues of residential life, public safety, student health and services, alcohol and other drugs, fire safety, relations with the Student Judicial Board, and general campus climate.Each SAC member sits on a variety of sub-committees with administrators, faculty, and other students. The SAC serves an important role on the Student Life Committee and the Undergraduate Residential Life Committee, both critical policy-making bodies.

Five (5) general positions and one (1) chair position available on the Committee for Inclusion and Diversity.

The Committee for Inclusion and Diversity (CID) aims to increase productive dialogue within the student body about issues of diversity and inclusion as well as to take action to cultivate a Wesleyan community that is more inclusive to all students, regardless of race, class, gender, ethnicity, disability, etc. It will focus on bringing together the campus as a whole and promote inclusion through diversity throughout campus through discussion, administrative outreach, and campaigns designed to make individual constituency groups feel more included in the broader campus dialogue. CID had a successful start last year, and looks to expand collaboration with student groups and other members of our community.

Four (4) general positions and (1) chair position available on the Middletown Relations Committee.

On both individual and community levels, MidWes aims to promote meaningful interactions between Middletown and Wesleyan through a long-lasting, student-based institutional body. Since its founding, the committee has met with numerous members of university and Middletown leadership to discuss, initiate and incentivize more interactions between members of both town and university so as to strengthen ties between both communities. In particular, the subcommittee believes a stronger relationship between Wesleyan and Middletown can be achieved primarily through increasing / facilitating personal and ongoing interactions between members of the university and the town. Furthermore, the committee strongly believes that such efforts must be done in a collaborative and, more importantly, a mutually beneficial manner. Lastly, these efforts must be done with an understanding of the history and present situation of Wesleyan-Middletown relationships.


Please submit a 300 word statement of interest to wsa@wesleyan.edu. Please be sure to include your name, class year, and the position for which you are applying. If you wish to apply for multiple positions, please submit separate statements. The deadline is Friday, October 3rd, by 5pm.

The best candidates will be contacted for an interview. All candidates will receive receipt of their application and a notice of their status by Sunday, October 5.

Please direct any questions to wsa@wesleyan.edu. I look forward to your applications.

Thank you, Sadasia McCutchen, Coordinator, Wesleyan Student Assembly


Photography by Isa Leshko and Frank Noelker

Tuesday, September 23 through Friday, October 10, 2014
South Gallery, Ezra and Cecile Zilkha Gallery, Center for the Arts

Presented in conjunction with the launch of Wesleyan Animal Studies Course Cluster.
Curated by Lori Gruen, Professor of Philosophy, Environmental Studies,
and Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

Friday, September 26, 2014 at 4:30pm

Thursday, October 9, 2014 at 5:30pm

Visit here for more information about the exhibition.

On view through Friday, October 10, 2014
Gallery Hours: Tuesday–Sunday, Noon–5pm

Above: Frank Noelker, Giraffe, Washington D.C., 1997, color photograph

Center for the Arts | Wesleyan University | Middletown, Connecticut



 in the basket





10PM 3AM






(The Top 4 teams will win an Award)



Rules also posted here

Sponsored By:

Wesleyan Public Safety &

The Division of Student Affairs

Come on out for the Late Night Featured Musician of the Week!

Jack and Katie with special guest Teryn Citino on drums, performing an acoustic set of covers and originals.

thumbnailCAIT0207Friday Night, 9/26/14 from 9pm – 12 midnight

West Dining Bay, Usdan


Next week’s featured musician: Isaac Butler-Brown

Hey 2017’ers,


Here is information concerning grading mode changes for a course with a grading mode option: 


thumbnailCAGFPHI0In courses in which students have a choice of grading mode, the final choice must be made by Friday, September 26 at 5:00 p.m.


If you wish to change the grading mode of a course in which you are currently enrolled, you must do this by completing the grading mode change form and submitting it to the Registrar’s Office no later than fourteen days after the drop/add period ends—September 26 at 5 p.m.  


Whether a course has a grading mode option is listed in the course’s description in Wesmaps.  If it does not say “Student option” under Grading Mode, then it only has one grading mode and there is no option.   


Best, Dean Brown



This is a reminder that applications for SPRING 2015 for the Wesleyan-administered programs in BOLOGNA, MADRID, and PARIS are eiffel towerdue WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 1 BY 5:00 P.M. This is a firm deadline and late applications will not be accepted. Applications must be turned in to the Office of International Studies, 105 Fisk Hall.

Effective this semester the Wesleyan “Permission to Study Abroad” application doubles as the application to these three programs. If you have already done the steps noted BELOW, the application and checklist are in your portfolio.

If you have NOT been in our office this semester, the process is as follows:

Go to the “Academic Career” section in your student portfolio and click on the “Study Abroad application and information” link. This takes you to our landing page and you must:

  • Read the four documents (General Regulations for Study Abroad, Financial Regulations, Academic Regulations, and Responsible Study Abroad).
  • Complete the “Initial Inquiry” form and click “submit.”
  • Come to our office for an advising session during our drop-in hours (M-W-F 10-noon; T-TH 2-4 p.m.) If you cannot make any of our drop-in hours, please call for an appointment.

After your advising session you will be given access in your portfolio to the Permission to Study Abroad Application and Checklist which you must complete by the October 1 deadline. The application consists of 7 documents, 4 of which are online.

Best, Gail Winter, Assistant Director of Study Abroad, 105 Fisk Hall, 860 685 3006, www.wesleyan.edu/ois

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