New Minor in African Studies!

The African Studies Faculty Cluster is pleased to announce the new African Studies minor!  Our current course cluster has been very successful with students, many of whom already pursue academic research, thesis projects, and career internships related to Africa.  As you think about courses for this semester and your Wesleyan careers, please keep this new and exciting opportunity in mind. Please direct any questions to the African Studies Cluster link on WesMaps and to our new website (

New Minor in Planetary Science

With great pleasure we announce the new Planetary Science Minor.  This joins the MA Concentration in Planetary Science and the Planetary Science Course Cluster as curricula providing students the background and tools to understand our place in the cosmos.  Our view is changing rapidly, to wit, at 3:35 tomorrow morning (Wed.), we (humanity) will attempt to land on the surface of a comet (


The Planetary Science Minor:


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Planetary Sciences at Wesleyan:


On behalf of the Planetary Science Group,


Dr. Martha S. Gilmore

George I. Seney Professor and Chair

Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences