Celebrate the Lunar New Year with the Chinese Culture Club! Fri., Feb. 20

  The Lunar New Year for this year is this Thursday, Feb.19th!

Chinese Culture Club is holding Wesleyan’s FIRST Lunar New Year Carnival this Friday at 6pm, Feb, 20th in Beckham hall!

The theme for this year’s Carnival is FOOD + GAME = FUN EXPLODES!!!!!!

It’s a great opportunity to have New Year’s dinner with friends, which is called 年(nian)夜(ye)饭(fan) in Chinese and ensures your friendship in the coming year;

to experience Chinese kids’ favorite traditional games such as String Figures (翻花绳) and Chopstick Challenges;

and to have some dim sum while watching culture shows.


HOW DO I GET TICKETS???????  Come and get your ticket with a free lucky pocket (红包) in Usdan Lobby Wednesday through Friday 11-1pm.

Early-bird Tickets: $5 each in cash (Wednesday – Friday noon in Usdan Lobby).  Including:  One serving of self-chosen New Year’s Dinner (Vegan available);  A stamp-collecting sheet for game competition and rewards; A free lucky pocket; Entry for the raffle and opportunities to win special gifts.

Tickets at door: $6 each in cash (Feb. 20th Friday 6pm at Beckham Hall), only includes dinner and stamp sheet.  Tickets are limited by 60 due to food and space constraint, so be quick!

However! If you only want to enjoy the games, IT’S FOR FREE!  Drop by between 6pm and 9pm and experience some Chinese games and arts! You may also want to bring some cash to buy some delicious Chinese dim sum and drinks!

More detailed introductions:

1. Games!

Tired of old ways to learn Chinese Culture? We do GAMES!

Test your response speed by playing Musical Chairs, or your tacit understanding with best friend by Acting and Guessing Charade.  Or form a team and come for Chinese Knot Relay!  Or to find out who is best at using Chopsticks by picking up peanuts and beans!  Or… just to do some Calligraphy, Paper cutting and folding, and learn some tricky games with strings in String Figure!!!


2. Food!

All right all right! We know you all like Chinese food.  New Year’s Dinner will be served from 6-7pm. You can get your combo by presenting your ticket  to our chefs.  From 7-9pm, more games are coming but dim sum (desserts) and drinks will be sold.

3. Performance!

During food time as well as game time, we have performers to keep you entertained while you wait for your food and game. Come and see the show!

As promised, something different and exciting this year!  Check out our Facebook Page for all related updates!

”Chinese New Year Celebration: Game and food, fun explodes”   https://www.facebook.com/events/422294041258483/

COME COME COME!  Looking forward to have a special New Year experience with every one of you!  Sincerely Welcomes, Chinese Culture Club


Froyo Fundraiser for Wesleyan Let’s Get Ready — 4/7 through 4/13

thumbnailCA15YYFSWesleyan Let’s Get Ready Froyo Fundraiser

Let’s Get Ready is a free SAT tutoring and college counseling program that serves underserved high school students from Middletown and Meriden. Our students are from low-income families (they receive free or reduced-price lunches at school) and/or are first-generation college-bound students. 

From Monday April 7th through Sunday April 13th, FroyoWorld has generously offered to donate 20% of your purchase to the Wesleyan Let’s Get Ready program. It’s the perfect excuse to get froyo three (/ten) times in a week and celebrate the fact that we’re finally, finally getting some good weather.

FroyoWorld is located at 386 Main St.  They are open until 10 p.m. Sun.-Thurs. and 11 p.m. Fri.-Sat.

*****In order to make your purchase count, please remember to tell the cashier that you’re participating*****