Edgar Beckham Social Justice Awards: Committee Volunteers and Recipient Nominations

The Edgar Beckham Social Justice Awards: Our Mission

The annual Edgar Beckham Social Justice Awards ceremony seeks to honor the late Dean Edgar Beckham, whose dedication to social justice continues to positively impact the Wesleyan community. We aim to celebrate the students, faculty, staff, and members of the Middletown community whose efforts align with the ideals that guided his work. Our hope is that the recognition of these individuals will inspire other members of the community to commit to social justice work of their own.

To ensure that the ceremony is as successful as possible, the current members of the Edgar Beckham Planning Committee need full community participation. Here is how you can take part:

Join the Edgar Beckham Social Justice Awards Planning Committee!

The Edgar Beckham Social Justice Awards Planning Committee is currently expanding. We are looking for motivated volunteers (particularly current freshmen and juniors) to help make our annual banquet ceremony a success.

If you:

~Care about social justice,

~Want to make sure that members of the community are recognized for good work they are doing, as they deserve to be, or

~Have any interest in event planning,

Please fill out the Committee Application form so that we can get to work!

Nominate Recipients for the 2016 Edgar Beckham Social Justice Awards!

If you are aware of anyone who you think deserves recognition for their social justice work, please use the Nomination Form to nominate them for an award! Award recipients are selected by a blind, unbiased panel that is separate from the Edgar Beckham planning committee, so be sure to provide thorough reasoning for your nomination.

The nomination deadline is flexible, but please try to aim to have nominations in by March 28th.

Circulate this email and spread the word!

We need as many people to get excited and participate to make the event the most inclusive and rewarding it can be. As we move closer to the date of the event, stay tuned for posters, save-the-dates, and ticketing information.

Best, The Edgar Beckham Awards Committee

Allbritton Events!!!: “Legal Structures/Social Enterprise,” “Talking About Race,” “Solidarity Organizing on Campus,” “Civic Engagement Certificate Info” — Dec. 2-5

Ownership Matters: Legal Structures for Social Enterprise

On Wednesday, December 2nd, you will have the opportunity to hear from Jim Steiker ’81 in Usdan 108 from 4-5pm. Jim Steiker ’81 will speak about his experience in the financial and legal sector, specifically the options for legal structure and ownership of social ventures. Jim was a legal representative for Ben Cohen in the sale of Ben & Jerry’s where Ben tried to take the company private in a mission based transaction rather than sell to Unilever

​Talking about Race with Jelani Cobb 

On Wednesday, December 2nd at 7, we are welcoming Jelani Cobb, PhD, Director of the Africana Studies Institute at UConn and Staff Writer of the New Yorker to speak in CFA Hall. His book, the Substance of Hope: Barack Obama and the Paradox of Progress, was published in 2010 through Bloomsbury Publishing.  His post recent published pieces include:

What Divides Us?: An Interview with Yale College Dean Jonathan Holloway 11/15/15

Race and the Free-Speech Diversion 11/05/15

Ben Carson’s Exonerating Racism 9/22/15

Allbritton Talks: Effective Solidarity Organizing on Campus

When student, frontline communities, and organizers call for solidarity actions, how can we respond most effectively? What tactics do students have at their disposal to raise awareness, change policies, communicate support, or raise funds? How can work done here at Wesleyan affect change elsewhere? How is solidarity organizing different? We welcome all viewpoints- no background knowledge required.

Thursday, December 3rd, 12-1pm.    Allbritton 311, lunch provided.

Civic Engagement Certificate Information Session

Students in the CEC program participate in a wide variety of formal and informal civic activities in Middletown and around the world. These include volunteer work, practica, activism, and service-learning courses. The certificate is designed for students interested in reflecting upon these activities and integrating their civic and academic efforts.

Friday, December 4th, 12-1pm

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with the Chinese Culture Club! Fri., Feb. 20

  The Lunar New Year for this year is this Thursday, Feb.19th!

Chinese Culture Club is holding Wesleyan’s FIRST Lunar New Year Carnival this Friday at 6pm, Feb, 20th in Beckham hall!

The theme for this year’s Carnival is FOOD + GAME = FUN EXPLODES!!!!!!

It’s a great opportunity to have New Year’s dinner with friends, which is called 年(nian)夜(ye)饭(fan) in Chinese and ensures your friendship in the coming year;

to experience Chinese kids’ favorite traditional games such as String Figures (翻花绳) and Chopstick Challenges;

and to have some dim sum while watching culture shows.


HOW DO I GET TICKETS???????  Come and get your ticket with a free lucky pocket (红包) in Usdan Lobby Wednesday through Friday 11-1pm.

Early-bird Tickets: $5 each in cash (Wednesday – Friday noon in Usdan Lobby).  Including:  One serving of self-chosen New Year’s Dinner (Vegan available);  A stamp-collecting sheet for game competition and rewards; A free lucky pocket; Entry for the raffle and opportunities to win special gifts.

Tickets at door: $6 each in cash (Feb. 20th Friday 6pm at Beckham Hall), only includes dinner and stamp sheet.  Tickets are limited by 60 due to food and space constraint, so be quick!

However! If you only want to enjoy the games, IT’S FOR FREE!  Drop by between 6pm and 9pm and experience some Chinese games and arts! You may also want to bring some cash to buy some delicious Chinese dim sum and drinks!

More detailed introductions:

1. Games!

Tired of old ways to learn Chinese Culture? We do GAMES!

Test your response speed by playing Musical Chairs, or your tacit understanding with best friend by Acting and Guessing Charade.  Or form a team and come for Chinese Knot Relay!  Or to find out who is best at using Chopsticks by picking up peanuts and beans!  Or… just to do some Calligraphy, Paper cutting and folding, and learn some tricky games with strings in String Figure!!!


2. Food!

All right all right! We know you all like Chinese food.  New Year’s Dinner will be served from 6-7pm. You can get your combo by presenting your ticket  to our chefs.  From 7-9pm, more games are coming but dim sum (desserts) and drinks will be sold.

3. Performance!

During food time as well as game time, we have performers to keep you entertained while you wait for your food and game. Come and see the show!

As promised, something different and exciting this year!  Check out our Facebook Page for all related updates!

”Chinese New Year Celebration: Game and food, fun explodes”   https://www.facebook.com/events/422294041258483/

COME COME COME!  Looking forward to have a special New Year experience with every one of you!  Sincerely Welcomes, Chinese Culture Club


Religion, Faith and Queer Identity: Interfaith Panel Discussion — 2/7


Interfaith Panel Discussion

February 7, 2015

12 PM – 2:15 PM

Daniel Family Common

(updated location)

Panelists include students, alumni, and religious leaders from the community. Free lunch provided.

Hosted by the Queer Resource Center, Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, and Presbyterian Promise

Please RSVP by emailing abardos@wesleyan.edu

Wesleyan Posse-Plus Retreat — 2/27 through 3/1

You Are Invited to Attend the

Wesleyan PossePlus Retreat

 February 27 – March 1, 2015 | Incarnation Conference Center   

Free to all Wesleyan Constituents!

RSVP: http://tinyurl.com/Wesleyan-PossePlusRetreat2015

Are you…

Interested in discussing the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri?  Concerned by recent police actions?

Interested in learning more about power, authority, crime & punishment in the United States?

Then come take advantage of an incredible off-campus retreat happening February 27 – March 1, 2015! The retreat will be a unique opportunity for a large cross section of Wesleyan student leaders, faculty, administrators and staff to engage and discuss issues like policing, prisons, safety and justice, both at the global level and directly related to Wesleyan’s campus.

The retreat will be hosted by the Posse Foundation and all expenses will be covered by Wesleyan. By attending, Wesleyan students faculty, and staff will be able to bring their own experiences, perspectives and ideas to this event and also connect with other key leaders on campus. They will also be part of the thousands of student and faculty leaders on 48 college campuses across the country who are participating in Posse retreats on the same topic.

To RSVP and secure your spot go to this link:http://tinyurl.com/Wesleyan-PossePlusRetreat2015 

MLK Panel–Friday, 3:14 p.m., The Chapel

Dr. Martin Luther King Commemoration  —   “We shall overcome:  How far have we come?”

All members of the Wesleyan and greater Middletown community are invited to a panel presentation and discussion to explore various perspectives about the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, and New York City to commemorate the life, civil rights and social justice legacy that Dr. King has left. The commemoration will be held in Wesleyan’s Memorial Chapel on Friday, January 30, at 3:15 pm. This is a ticketed, free event. Tickets to the event can be secured at the University Box Office.

The event will include music and an audio clip of Dr. King’s baccalaureate address to the Wesleyan community 51 years ago, followed by the panel presentation and discussion.

The panel discussion will be moderated by Antonio Farias, Vice President for Equity & Inclusion/Title IX Officer, and will include the following panelists:

Riché J. Daniel Barnes, Assistant Professor of Afro-American Studies, Smith College

Dreisen Heath ’15, African American Studies and FGSS major, Wesleyan University

Kiese Laymon, Associate Professor of English, Vassar College

Chief Joseph Dooley, President of the CT Police Chiefs Association

The program will be followed by a brief dessert reception. Later in the evening there will be a series of discussions to be held in various locations on campus and a student-coordinated open-mic at 8:00 pm in the West College Cafe.  Details will follow regarding the evening events.

Spring ReOrientation for 2017: Workshops & Events Jan. 27-Feb. 9 — Win an iPad!!

Spring Re-Orientation for First Year Students

Community Standards and Responsibilities

January 27th | 12:00PM | Usdan 108

Wesleyan has a long history of peer adjudication through the honor board and the Student Judicial Board. Members of these boards will share the role they play in upholding the community standards at Wesleyan. You will also hear from representatives in the dean of students office who will discuss the roles they have on campus and provide some advice about what you can do to be successful at Wesleyan. Facilitated by Dean of Students, Rick Culliton and Associate Dean of Students, Scott Backer.

Lunch will be provided.

Office of Religious and Spiritual Life (ORSL) Open House

January 27th | 3:30PM | Office of Religious & Spiritual Life, 169 High St.

Come meet Wesleyan’s Chaplains, and ORSL staff and students who help coordinate spiritual and religious life on campus. Learn more at www.wesleyan.edu/orsl

Snacks will be served.

General Study Abroad Information Session

January 28th | 4:15 PM | Usdan 110

Join Director of International Studies, Carolyn Sorkin, and recent study-abroad participants to talk about the nuts and bolts of spending a semester or year studying in another country. Topics to be covered include program selection, the application process, credit transfer, cultural adjustment, financial aid, and much more. Come with questions!

Managing Your Dining Plan

January 29th | 4:15PM | Usdan 108

Haven’t quite figured out the meal plan system yet? Thinking about changing your meal plan? Worried about a special dietary need that you may have? Come to this Q&A session where campus and dining program administrators will be on hand to answer any questions you have. Facilitated by Bon Appétit Resident District Manager, Michael Strumpf, and Director of Usdan University Center, Michelle Myers-Brown.

Getting the Most Out of the Career Center

January 30th | 12:00 PM | Usdan 110

Come in and learn about how the Career Center can help you with finding your passion and locating an internship.  This quick introduction to the Wesleyan Career Center will help you to utilize our services and access the extensive internship and online job database. We’ll also show you how you can set up your online profile to personalize your experience.  This session is designed for both first-year students and transfer, exchange, and visiting students. Facilitated by Associate Director for Career Development and Campus Outreach, Persephone Hall.

Lunch will be provided.

Study Abroad and Students of Color

January 30th | 4:15 PM | Usdan 110

Join Director of International Studies, Carolyn Sorkin, and recent study-abroad participants to talk about the nuts and bolts of spending a semester or year studying in another country. Topics to be covered include program selection, the application process, credit transfer, cultural adjustment, financial aid, and much more. Special attention will be given to concerns common to students of color. Come with questions!

Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Diversity Training

Visit the MLK Day website for additional details and events: http://www.wesleyan.edu/mlk/

Training Session Block I
January 31st | 10AM
Training Session Block II
January 31st | 1PM

Keynote Address

January 31st | 3:15PM | Memorial Chapel
Address by Anti-Racist Activist Tim Wise. Note, this is a ticketed event. Tickets can be picked up at the University Box Office, Usdan University Center. Students Tickets available Thursday, January 23. Reception and book signing to follow in the Zelnick Pavillion. Books will be available for purchase during the signing.

You, Booze, and the Board

February 3rd |12:00 PM | Usdan 110

This session will offer answers to students’ most frequently asked questions about addressing severe intoxication: What does alcohol poisoning look like? How do I know whether a friend needs medical assistance or not? What will PSafe do if I call them? If my friends go to the hospital, what happens next? Do they get in trouble? Are their parents called? What sanctions could they get? Conversation facilitated by Associate Dean of Students, Scott Backer.

Lunch will be provided.

Getting Good Advice, Giving Good Information, and Other Essential Nuggets of Wisdom

February 4th | 12:15 PM | Usdan 108

Returning to college for your second semester is a very different experience from heading off to college for the first time.  You bring with you all of the things that you learned in the fall – your accomplishments, as well as the challenges you may have experienced.  You have a wealth of “college knowledge.” The start of the spring semester is another new beginning and a time for you to reflect on your experiences in the fall and develop a plan for academic success.

What worked well for you and what did not?  What strategies did you use in the fall that proved to be successful?  What resources did you seek out?  Did you have balance in your semester and follow the Rule of 7? At this workshop, we will talk about the organizational and study strategies that worked best, hear from peers about strategies and resources they found helpful, and set goals for the spring. Conversation facilitated by Dean for Academic Advancement and Dean for the Class of 2017, Louise Brown, Associate Dean of Student Academic Resources, Laura Patey, and the Peer Advisors.

Lunch will be provided.

Financing Study Abroad

February 5th | 4:15 PM | Usdan 110

Join Assistant Director of International Studies, Gail Winter, and Assistant Director of Financial Aid, Jacqueline Outlaw, for a discussion of the financial aspects of study abroad. Topics to be discussed will include financial aid, scholarships, and budgeting, as well as general information regarding study abroad. Come with questions!

Wellness at Wesleyan

February 6th | 12:00 PM | Usdan 110

The transition to college is stressful, both physically and mentally. Learn about what resources are available for your well-being during this unique transition as well as during the rest of your time at Wesleyan. Learn about the extensive resources Wesleyan offers to make sure you stay physically and mentally healthy during your time at Wes, as well as ways you can get involved. Facilitated by Director of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Jennifer D’Andrea.

Lunch will be provided.

Desire and Relationship:  What’s Love Got To Do With It?

February 8th | 12:00-3:00PM | Albritton 311

Participate in this no faith/multi-faith/interfaith conversation about Love and its many understandings and facets. All are welcome.

 Catered Japanese lunch will be provided.

Bystander Intervention Training

February 9th | 10:00 AM-2:00PM | Usdan 110

WE Speak, WE Stand aims to create a community that is actively engaged in the prevention of sexual assault, relationship violence and advocates for the responsible use of alcohol. The goal of the program is to empower bystanders to intervene in high risk situations involving alcohol use, sexual assault and relationship violence. Empowered bystanders make the campus community safer by standing up and speaking out when they witness situations that could potentially harm the health and safety of others. Intervening with peers can be challenging for a number of reasons and training will provide you with the skills to move from inaction to action and intervene safely and effectively.

The first training features two distinct and separate tracks: sexual assault prevention and alcohol use intervention.  For more information email Tanya Purdy at tpurdy@wesleyan.edu. Facilitated by Director of Health Education, Tanya Purdy and Sexual Violence Resource Coordinator and Therapist, Alysha Warren.

Lunch will be provided.


Sponsored by  the Office of New Student Orientation



Attend 7 programs and record your attendance.

Turn in your completed passport to the Office of New Student Orientation

(Usdan, Rooms 122, 124 & 126)

to be entered in a drawing for an iPad

by February 12, 2014!


For more information about these and other programs,

check out the New Student Orientation Website,

or visit www.wesleyan.edu/orientation.

Take advantage of all the great things going on at Wesleyan!