New CSPL Cluster Initiative for Fall 2014 on Centralization/Decentralization — Apps due April 7

New Academic Opportunity in 2014-15 for rising seniors, juniors, and sophomores!

The Allbritton Center for the Study of Public Life invites applications from students in all majors for a new program to begin in Fall 2014 that will engage twenty students in a Cluster of three one-credit courses, a year-long collaborative research project, and a range of associated lectures and academic and social activities throughout the academic year.

 Professors Richard Adelstein and John Finn, both acclaimed scholars and past winners of the Binswanger Teaching Prize, will be running this first Cluster.

 This first Cluster is organized around the theme of centralization anddecentralization in both economic and political life. This is an issue of special salience in the twenty-first century, as citizens in the U.S., the former Soviet Union, the European Union and emerging nations elsewhere debate the proper relation between local and central governments in a range of political and economic contexts.

For more details on the cluster and how to apply, see: