Apply for the Honor Board! Apps due Sunday, May 10, 5 p.m.


The Honor Board is still accepting applications from the sophomore class (rising juniors) for two openings on the Board, beginning in September 2015.

Wesleyan University, like every academic community, maintains certain standards of conduct, both academic and non-academic.

The Honor Board is a peer-based judicial body which reviews and addresses all alleged violations of the Honor Code.

The Board exists to provide fair process to students alleged to have violated the Honor Code, to ensure that sanctions are commensurate with violations and to promote uniformity in the handling of cases.

The Honor Board also serves as a constant reminder of our institutional values.  Please refer to the online Student Handbook for more information.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this essential component of the Wesleyan academic community, complete the attached application and submit it to Lorna Scott at

Teaching Evaluations Panel — Mon., May 4, 7-8:30 p.m.

Teaching Evaluations Panel

Monday, May 4 at 7-8:30pm in Usdan 110     *desserts and coffee*

Hosted by Female Economists of Wesleyan. This event is co-sponsored by the Office of Academic Affairs, Society for Underrepresented Students in STEM, Women of Color in STEM Forum, and Wesleyan Women in Science.


Professor Joyce Jacobsen (Dean of Social Sciences, 2015-2016 Interim Provost), Professor Lisa Dierker (Psychology, Inaugural Chair of QAC), and Professor Brian Stewart (Physics), Professor Ellen Nerenberg (future Dean of Arts and Humanities).

What’s the deal with Teaching Evaluations? Do you have questions or concerns about how teachers or classes are evaluated at Wesleyan? Have you ever wondered how your evaluations at the end of the semester impact the professors and the structure of the classes that you take? Do you have strong opinions about professor tenure? Would you like to see your classes taught in a more interactive and less formulaic way? If you want to voice these and more questions, please attend the Teaching Evaluations Panel! 

The discussion will surround the current problems with Teaching Evaluations, faculty and administration’s continuing efforts to improve upon them, and on the role of course evaluations in those teaching evaluations. We want to raise student awareness about the problems with current evaluations and their effects on all of our academic experiences. Plus, we want to spur greater student involvement in Teaching Evaluation reform. Each panelist will speak for 5-10min, and then we will open the panel up to audience Q/A. We’ll have a list of questions ready just in case folks are shy, plus audience members will be able to write down questions to put in a friendly fish bowl.