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Monthly Archive for November, 2016

Hey 2017’ers,  As we get started on this Thanksgiving Break week, I wanted to remind you about a number of things: 1)  The last day of Adjustment is Tuesday, November 22 at 5 p.m.  Make sure to submit ranked enrollment requests for courses you want, and check your credit analysis to make sure that you […]

Go to the Memorial Chapel on Saturday  at 6:00PM for the premier performance of the Women’s Bandura Ensemble of North America. It will be an extraordinary and moving concert of singing and instrumental music. The bandura has long been the voice and soul of Ukraine, its strings echoing the nation’s turbulent history. Structurally, the bandura is similar […]

A COMMON MOMENT FOR AN UNCOMMON TIME Connecting body, spirit and well being. DAC COURTYARD in the CFA, 4pm Friday. As our diverse campus community in a multitude of ways processes the election results, we wanted to offer students, faculty and staff an opportunity to come together for contemplation and healing. We intend to share […]


PSYC 341:  Psychology of Learning and Memory Instructor: Dr. Kyungmi Kim, Department of Psychology Class meetings: F 1:20 – 4:10PM, Location TBA How is holding in our mind a seldom-­used phone number just long enough to dial it different from our memory for our own birthday parties in the past? Why and how do our […]

NEW COURSE: CGST210 Q:  What is linguistics? A: It’s the study of language, its structures, and the way it works. We’re pleased to be re-introducing into the Wesleyan curriculum an introductory course on Linguistics, to be taught by Prof. Louise Neary in Spring 2017.  This course will introduce students to some of the principal areas […]

The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem: Intergenerational Tension, Forbidden Love and Questions of Identity in 20th Century Israel will conclude the series Contemporary Israeli Voices, 2016. Sarit Yisha-Levi’s first novel The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem, became a best seller in Israel, received the Publisher’s Association’s Gold and Platinum Prizes in 2014 as well as the Steimatzky […]

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