First-year Seminar Availability!

Professor Andy Curran, the director of curricular initiative and dean of the Arts and Humanities, wants to inform the Class of 2017 that there are several excellent first-year seminar classes that still have spots for the spring semester. These classes are writing intensive and are designed to demystify college writing, while still introducing you to an interesting discipline. A survey among students this year (on last year’s program) determined that students felt like they improved their writing and got a lot of the new FYS classes.

Here are the remaining classes:

ANTH111Hawai`i:   Myths and Realities
Section: Instructors: Times:
01 Kauanui,J.     Kehaulani ..T….     01:10PM-04:00PM;
02 Kauanui,J.     Kehaulani .M.W…     11:00AM-12:20PM;
COL115How   to Read a Literary Text
Section: Instructors: Times:
01 Fitzpatrick,Joseph     J. ..T.R..     10:30AM-11:50AM;
HIST138The   Environment and Society in Africa
Section: Instructors: Times:
01 Twagira,Laura     Ann ..T.R..     10:30AM-11:50AM;
HIST144What   Is History?
Section: Instructors: Times:
01 Eudell,Demetrius     L. ..T.R..     02:40PM-04:00PM;