Lecture: “Bagasse: Caribbean Art & Lit and the Debris of the Sugar Plantation” — Wed., Apr. 2, 4:30 p.m.

This lecture will take place on Wednesday, April 2, in the Common Room at 300 High St. (Romance Languages & Literatures).   


Bagasse: Caribbean Art and Literature and the Debris of the Sugar Plantation

Speaker:  Professor Lisa Paravisini-Gebert (Vassar College)

Location: Common Room in the Romance Languages Building (300 High Street)

Date: Wednesday, April 2 at 4:30pm


The Hispanic Literatures and Cultures Major Committee is pleased to present a lecture by Vassar Professor Lisa Paravisini-Gebert. The lecture examines, through the prism of ecocritical theory, recent installations by Caribbean artists reflecting the history of sugar production through its human and environmental costs. These works (many of which incorporate bagasse, the debris left after cane is crushed, as artistic material) metaphorically illustrate how Caribbean nations and peoples have been marked by the crushing and discarding of bagasse.

Lisa Paravisini-Gebert is a professor of Hispanic Studies at Vassar College as well as a member of the Programs in Environmental Studies, Latin American Studies, International Studies and Women’s Studies. Specializing in the multidisciplinary, comparative study of the Caribbean, she serves as an expert in Caribbean art and culture.

Refreshments will be served.