Note from Dean Brown: Open Houses–Wed./Thurs., “Choosing Your Major” Workshop–Wed., 2nd Qtr. Courses

Dear 2017’ers,


This is a reminder that many departments and programs have scheduled OPEN HOUSES between Wed.,  Oct. 22 and Fri., Nov. 14. Click on Open House to view the schedule and any changes.  


On board this week are:

Wed. – FGSS and NS&B

 Thurs. — ENGL and SOC

Lunch or refreshments are provided.

Check schedule for their times and locations.


CHOOSING YOUR MAJOR WORKSHOP is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, October 22 at 6 p.m. in Usdan 108.  Dean Brown and Persephone Hall from the Wesleyan Career Center will be there to suggest ways to approach or decide on your major and answer any questions you may have.  Grab your dinner and join us! 


Also, check out the Major Declaration Website for information about choosing and declaring a major during the sophomore year.  Check out “The Guide” for major exploration exercises and links to campus resources.   Department and program’s home websites and faculty members are great sources of information.  Questions about how the major fits into study abroad plans or possible careers should be directed to the Office of International Studies and Wesleyan Career Center, respectively.


SECOND-QUARTER COURSES:  If you have some time and want some more credit, take a look at these courses.  They begin this week. You have 5 business days to register for the courses by submitting an add/drop form (found in Dean’s Office or the Registrar’s).  Get the instructor’s and your faculty advisor’s approval and signature and then bring the form to me for final processing.  Check my email for a list of courses.

Hope you had a great fall break and are refreshed and energized for the rest of the semester!  Any questions?  Please see me.  Note that Wednesday evening office hours will be from only 5-6 p.m. due to the Choosing Your Major workshop.  Best, Dean Brown