Celebrating Students: Zandy Stovicek ’17

Zandy Stovicek.During my time at the United Nations I was given immense freedom to be able to attend meetings at the United Nations on various issues ranging from fracking to the education of children to global gender equality. I was astounded by the amount of human beings in one room all striving to better our international society on a daily basis. I have always been passionate about social equality, so having the opportunity to work on projects directly related to this pervasive issue was very satisfying. On the other hand, I found it hard to work at a desk job, which seemed paradoxical to me when working to fight for social justice worldwide.  However, this opportunity strengthened my confidence in my belief that I want my career to be in gender equality-related work, although I’m still not sure what capacity is best suited to me. Overall, I was lucky to be able to delve into a world of like-minded people with thought-provoking ideas as I sought creative solutions to gargantun problems such as sexual and gender-based violence.