PSYC203 Course

Psychology Department Course Updates

PSYC 203: Sec 02 Quantitative Methods will be cancelled due to low enrollment.  If you were thinking of making a request for this course, please choose Section 01 instead.  Below is a description of Sec 01 of the course (including a new proposed course time — please read carefully!).

PSYC 203: Sec 01 Quantitative Methods is a general introduction to research methods in Psychology taught by social psychologist, Professor Kathleen Schmidt (kschmidt@wes).  It is similar to other 200-level research methods courses except that it covers the entire field, rather than focusing on a sub-area of psychology, thus the more general title.  In this class, you will understand how to do research that involves collecting data about all aspects of human behavior that can be measured as numbers (e.g., survey ratings, accuracy, response times, etc.).  (This is why it is called quantitative methods — you measure things using numbers!).  There are now no prerequisites for this section of the course and it is open to students in all class years and majors.  This course is a requirement for the Psychology major. In fact, for the incoming class, prospective majors must take this course in their first two years in order to be able to declare Psychology as a major.  If you are at all interested in psychology as a major (or are in the major) and want to get a project-based start in understanding research methods, this is a great course for you!  Once you have taken this course, you will be in a better position to get involved in a research lab in the department or to do independent research, too.  If you are still looking for a class, do take advantage of the seats in this class this term!

The above Sec 01 class was previously scheduled to meet on M and F 1:10-2:30.  The department has changed the class to M W 1:10-2:30 so as to accommodate more students.  If you are interested in this class, please let the professor know right away by making an enrollment request or emailing the professor at the above address. If you would love to take the course but cannot do the class time, please let the professor know that too.  The professor will communicate with you directly to let you know where and when to meet.

Thanks for your patience as we try to accommodate student course needs in Psychology!  If there is another course you wish we would offer this term and for which there remains high student demand, feel free to let me know!

Best wishes,

Andrea Patalano, Chair, Department of Psychology,