Note from Dean Brown


This is a reminder that the drop/add deadline is Wed., Feb. 3 at 11:59 p.m.  Please make sure that your schedule is accurate, including grading mode, and that you are enrolled in 4.00 credits (3.00 credits minimum required).   The grading mode deadline extends for two weeks after drop/add ends.

Also check your Credit Analysis in the academic career bucket of your portfolio to make sure you are on track for graduation with number of semesters in residence and total credits/oversubscription.  In the same portfolio bucket, you will also find your Major Certification form, which you should fill in as much as possible and review with your major advisor.  Both documents are great planning and tracking tools.

Any questions?  Please stop by during drop-in or give my office a call at x2762 to set up a time to meet.  Would love to see you!  Best, Dean Brown