Edgar Beckham Social Justice Awards: Committee Volunteers and Recipient Nominations

The Edgar Beckham Social Justice Awards: Our Mission

The annual Edgar Beckham Social Justice Awards ceremony seeks to honor the late Dean Edgar Beckham, whose dedication to social justice continues to positively impact the Wesleyan community. We aim to celebrate the students, faculty, staff, and members of the Middletown community whose efforts align with the ideals that guided his work. Our hope is that the recognition of these individuals will inspire other members of the community to commit to social justice work of their own.

To ensure that the ceremony is as successful as possible, the current members of the Edgar Beckham Planning Committee need full community participation. Here is how you can take part:

Join the Edgar Beckham Social Justice Awards Planning Committee!

The Edgar Beckham Social Justice Awards Planning Committee is currently expanding. We are looking for motivated volunteers (particularly current freshmen and juniors) to help make our annual banquet ceremony a success.

If you:

~Care about social justice,

~Want to make sure that members of the community are recognized for good work they are doing, as they deserve to be, or

~Have any interest in event planning,

Please fill out the Committee Application form so that we can get to work!

Nominate Recipients for the 2016 Edgar Beckham Social Justice Awards!

If you are aware of anyone who you think deserves recognition for their social justice work, please use the Nomination Form to nominate them for an award! Award recipients are selected by a blind, unbiased panel that is separate from the Edgar Beckham planning committee, so be sure to provide thorough reasoning for your nomination.

The nomination deadline is flexible, but please try to aim to have nominations in by March 28th.

Circulate this email and spread the word!

We need as many people to get excited and participate to make the event the most inclusive and rewarding it can be. As we move closer to the date of the event, stay tuned for posters, save-the-dates, and ticketing information.

Best, The Edgar Beckham Awards Committee