New Intro DANC Section

Introduction to Dance

DANC 111 Fall 2016 Section:  02  
This is an introduction to dance as an educational, technical, and creative discipline for students with no previous formal dance training. Classes will introduce the basic components of dance technique–stretching, strengthening, aligning the body, and developing coordination in the execution of rhythmic movement patterns. Through improvisation, composition, and performing, students will develop a solid framework applicable to all forms of dance.
Credit: 1 Gen Ed Area Dept: HA DANC
Course Format: Studio Grading Mode: Graded
Instructor(s): Kolcio,Katja P.         Times: ..T.R.. 08:40AM-10:10AM;       Location: SDC;
Total Enrollment Limit: 36 SR major: 0 JR major: 0
Seats Available: 20 GRAD: X SR non-major: 9 JR non-major: 9 SO: 9
Prerequisites: None