New Linked-Major: College of Integrative Sciences & Seminar Course

Dear Students,

Welcome back to campus!  While you have been away, there have been new developments in the Sciences, which may be important to you.  Since the College was just approved, courses related to the CIS were not listed during pre-registration.

A core mission of this new college is to develop student skills in interdisciplinary thinking and science research that cuts across disciplines. Interdisciplinary approaches are becoming vital for success and growth in our current technology driven society.

To introduce students to these challenges, the CIS is offering a new seminar course, “Research Frontiers in research1 the Sciences” (CIS 221/222).  The course is open to all students who have completed at least an introductory science course, and forms the gateway for students who are interested in the “linked-major” offered by the CIS.  It is available in add-drop.  The 0.50 credit course meets Fridays, 2:40-3:30 p.m.

Visit our webpages (, check out wesmaps, or contact me for further information.

Have a productive semester!   Prof. Francis W. Starr, Professor, Physics Department, and Director, College of Integrative Sciences