Amazing WesKaraoke! Fri., 9-midnight

Come on out for the Late Night featured Music of the Week!

Back by popular demand….WesKaraoke!

Tomorrow, Friday Nov. 21st! 9pm – 12 midnight imagesB4MDK3U9

West Dining Bay, Usdan

Be prepared to access your favorite tunes and sing along.

Download the free “Remote” app:

Apple users:

Android users:

The instructions are currently only for Apple Remote users, and can be found at
(scroll down from the timeline)

You can go in ahead of time and add your preferred songs at:

AND you can pre-browse the Karaoke Library as well at:

700 songs in over 15 languages, and the option to add all that you desire, you will never be in a situation where that popular song is unavailable.

See you there!