New Course: COL264–Schwanze-Beast Performance Composition–Animals and the Future

Professor Carmelita Tropicana is going to be on campus on January 27 from 12-7pm to meet with students who are interested in learning more about the course described below.  Her office is in Davison Art Center/Alsop House, Room 211. Students can schedule meetings with her at or drop by her office.

Spring 2016 COL264: Schwanze-Beast Performance Composition-Animals and the Future

This interdisciplinary course led by writer and performance artist Carmelita Tropicana explores the meaning and role of animals in our lives and problematizes neat categories and distinctions between humans and other animals. The course also examines the use of sci-fi as a genre for social and political critique. The studio course will provide students the opportunity to share in the collaborative process and create content based on Schwanze-Beast, a sci-fi project in development by Tropicana. This hands on practical course aims to strengthen creative writing for interdisciplinary work. Students will also work as research assistants for Tropicana.