New Course: “Zionism: A Political Theology”

This is a new course taught by Yotam Hotam who is visiting from the University of Haifa.

Zionism: A Political Theology

CHUM 319 Spring 2016 M 1:10-4:00 CFH 106

This seminar examines the political theology of Zionism by focusing on the intersections of secular aspirations and theological notions embedded in the ideology and practice of the national Jewish mission. To this end, the seminar is designed to explore the modern concept of political theology. In analyzing a range of selected primary and secondary sources, it will also bring this concept to bear on an understanding of the Zionist secular adaptations of theological concepts, such as heresy, faith, inner-experience, and redemption. Finally, the seminar will focus on how this type of political-theology informed the national Jewish language, symbolism, literature, social institutions, and social and political imagination.!wesmaps_page.html?crse=014538&term=1161