New Course: COL264–Schwanze-Beast Performance Composition–Animals and the Future

Professor Carmelita Tropicana is going to be on campus on January 27 from 12-7pm to meet with students who are interested in learning more about the course described below.  Her office is in Davison Art Center/Alsop House, Room 211. Students can schedule meetings with her at or drop by her office.

Spring 2016 COL264: Schwanze-Beast Performance Composition-Animals and the Future

This interdisciplinary course led by writer and performance artist Carmelita Tropicana explores the meaning and role of animals in our lives and problematizes neat categories and distinctions between humans and other animals. The course also examines the use of sci-fi as a genre for social and political critique. The studio course will provide students the opportunity to share in the collaborative process and create content based on Schwanze-Beast, a sci-fi project in development by Tropicana. This hands on practical course aims to strengthen creative writing for interdisciplinary work. Students will also work as research assistants for Tropicana.



For Those Still Considering Study Abroad….

Study Abroad Information Sessions

A representative from each program will be on hand to discuss the program and answer any questions. Students can drop in for the session, no appointment is required.

Tuesday, February 2 – 12:00-1:00–ISA Euroscholars Program—Fisk 302

EuroScholars offers research opportunities in all fields of study. Additional areas of interest are honors programs and undergraduate research offices. Please see list of pre approved programs on the Study Abroad website

Tuesday, February 9 – 12:00-1:00–The Swedish Program—Fisk 302

The Swedish Program is sponsored by a consortium of American colleges and universities and is affiliated with the Stockholm School of Economics, one of the most prestigious universities in Europe for the study of economics, finance, and business.   The Swedish Program offers a full range of liberal arts courses each semester.

Fall, spring or full year. Range of courses taught in English; especially strong in public policy, PSYC, ENGL, FGSS, GOVT/IR, SOC, Swedish language.

Wednesday, February 10 –12:00-1:00– IFSA-Butler—Fisk 210

IFSA-Butler provides quality study abroad opportunities, plus academic and personal support services, for qualified North American undergraduates seeking to earn academic credit through study abroad. IFSA-Butler currently operates programs in Argentina, Australia, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Egypt, England, India, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Peru, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Spain and Wales. Please see list of pre approved programs on the Study Abroad website

Thursday, February 11 – 12:00-1:00–IES—Fisk 302

More than 130 academic programs Programs in 35+ cities and 21 countries. Please see list of pre approved programs on the Study Abroad website

Thursday, February 18 – 12:00-1:00–CERGE-EI UPCES in Prague—Fisk 302

UPCES is the undergraduate study abroad program of Charles University and CERGE-EIin Prague, Czech Republic. Classes meet in the Schebek Palace, a historic building in the center of Prague. Courses bring together European and American students in a small and interactive classroom setting. Outside the classroom, UPCES students explore the cultures of Central Europe firsthand. Program trips, excursions, internships, and immersion activities offer opportunities to discover new places, people, and perspectives.

Fall, spring, or full year. Czech language course plus four courses in social sciences and humanities, primarily related to area studies

Wednesday, February 24 – 12:00-1:00–SIT—Fisk 210

SIT offers more than 70 programs in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East, as well as comparative programs in multiple locations. Please see list of pre approved programs on the Study Abroad website. All SIT Study Abroad programs, regardless of type, grapple with the complexities of critical issues and offer students a high level of access to experts and stakeholders relevant to the issues being examined. Learning on SIT programs extends beyond the program center to provide students with holistic, multifaceted, field-based experiences.

Nominate Profs for 2016 Binswanger Prize for Excellence in Teaching !!! Feb. 3 deadline

Nominations for 2016 Binswanger Prize for Excellence in Teaching

“Without the ability to pivot, you’re not going to be a good teacher,” says Jeanine Basinger, two-time winner of the Binswanger Prize and veritable “Professor of Hollywood.”

Nominations for the 2016 Binswanger Prize for Excellence in Teaching are now open! Here’s your chance to recognize the Wesleyan teachers who had an enduring impact on your academic and personal development.

Read the interview with Professor Basinger.

Click here to submit your nomination.


NSO Interns and Leaders for Orientation 2016 — Apps due 1/29 and 2/5

The Office of New Student Orientation is hiring 4 NSO Summer Interns and 35 Orientation Leaders to assist in the planning and implementation of New Student Orientation for the incoming Class of 2020. Students in the Classes of 2019, 2018 and 2017 are eligible for these positions.

Job descriptions and Applications are available using the links below:

NSO Summer Internship Application due January 29, 2016:

Orientation Leader Application due February 5, 2016:

If you have any questions, please e-mail