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Halfway through sophomore year, while my friends were excitedly thinking about different study abroad options, I slowly came to the realization that I wanted the sort of experience that a study-abroad program would not offer. In place of a traditional study abroad semester I choose instead to take a semester off from Wesleyan and spend […]

  Many students at Wesleyan have had incredible summer experiences in new and unfamiliar environments, such as while abroad or during an internship. I, however, spent my summer here as a participant in the QAC Apprenticeship program. My time was mainly spent in the Allbritton computer lab – a place where some wouldn’t expect to […]

This summer was one for the books. During the spring semester, I landed an REU internship through the Minorities in Marine and Environmental Sciences Program with the South Department of Natural Resources in Charleston, South Carolina. For the next 12 weeks, I worked as an undergraduate researcher designing and completing my own independent research project […]

I was fortunate to spend this past summer doing what I love – traveling, volunteering and, of course, working! For the first few weeks, I was in Thailand where I traveled on the weekends and worked full-time during the week at an emerging ecommerce firm. As a data analyst, my primary role was to create […]

This past summer, I attended the London School of Economics summer school studying corporate finance and asset-markets. Additionally, in the 6 weeks between the end of school and my departure to Europe I also had the invaluable opportunity to serve as a summer intern at the DL Carlson Investment Group, located in Concord, NH. DL Carlson […]

Last March, Professor Fred Cohan told me that I had to see the glaciers before they melted in five years and that he just wasn’t going to take me telling the National Park Service “no” for an answer. Mid-July, I was stranded on a dirt road on the wrong side of the Continental Divide while […]

This past summer I worked as an intern at the New York Power Authority, and took a night class at Columbia that met twice a week. The class was part of the business department and covered the principles of marketing, and I completed a project on Whole Foods’ marketing campaign. My official position at the […]

2017’ers– 1. New Course: Check out this new course in the Dance Department–Performance Matters:  Creating Performance on Specific Topics—taught by Prof. Katya Kolcio in Spring 2015. 2. Civic Engagement Certificate Open House—12/2 Come to the CEC info session on Dec. 2, Noon-1 p.m. in Allbritton.  The CEC is open to students of all disciplines who […]

Every summer, as I have for the past ten years, I leave home and drive up to the shores of Lake Potanipo. I arrive at my home away from home—Camp Tevya in Brookline, NH—or a place that has taught me what true dedication means. As many camp goers will attest, the summer is an indescribable […]

Like other members of the Class of 2017, I rejoiced at the end of finals last May. All my hard work over the previous four months had paid off and I was quite proud of my performance. Little did I know, the grueling late-night hours in Olin were just beginning. After a brief respite at […]

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